Mini single head carbon brazing table shaker

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Mini single head carbon brazing table shaker

Delicate and exquisitely carved, renewed design
Steady, Natural, Precious.
Mechanical watch maintenance is always available, only one shaker is needed to solve the trouble easily
Don't worry about the watch being magnetized, as long as it is safe to leave the magnetic field more than 5cm.
PS: The watch itself is anti-magnetic, not in a particularly strong magnetic field, no effect.
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Four guarantees

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2. You can refund the refund at any time within 30 days.

3. Each user has a two-year warranty

4. We provide 7 * 24 hours of after-sale service

  • Description
    Professional design: safe to use, don't worry about excessive winding causing watch damage
    Automatic cruising: easy to operate, select gears at a time, no need to operate again
    Silent operation: enjoy a quiet life, live a life without noise
    Imported Wanbao to movement: Shake table using Wanbao to frequency conversion movement, accurate output, effective conversion energy to reduce wear and tear, fully enclosed design, quiet noise reduction, make the shaker performance more powerful, longer service life, stable operation, durable.

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